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NCBA-HMC currently manages eight residential properties totaling more than 500 assisted-living units in Washington, D.C.; Silver Spring, Maryland; Hernando, Mayersville, Marks and Jackson, Mississippi; and Reidsville, North Carolina. All of the properties are authorized under Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937, which subsidizes housing costs for low-income citizens; and the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Section 202 Program, which provides housing specifically for low-income senior citizens.

Our Communities

Samuel J. Simmons NCBA Estates – Washington, D.C.

Built: 1981. Sustainably renovated in 2012. Design: Ten-story high rise, concrete/brick. Number of units: 175

University Gardens - Silver Spring, Maryland

Built: 1991. Design: Four-story mid-rise, brick. Number of units: 65

Coleman Crawford Estates - Hernando, Mississippi

Built: 1988. Design: Six single-story buildings, brick veneer. Number of units: 50

Unita Blackwell Estates - Mayersville, Mississippi
Built: 1986. Design: Ten one-story buildings, wood frame/brick veneer. Number of units: 20
Ezra Towner, Sr. Estates - Marks, Mississippi
Built: 1991. Design: Eight one-story buildings, wood frame/brick veneer. Number of units: 40
NCBA Estates - Jackson, Mississippi
Built: 1986. Design: Four-story mid-rise, wood frame/brick veneer. Number of units: 50
Hobart Jackson Estates - Reidsville, North Carolina

Built: 1987. Design: Ten one-story buildings, wood frame/brick veneer. Number of units: 36

University Gardens II - Silver Spring, Maryland

Built: 2013. Design: Four-story mid-rise, brick. Number of units: 27

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