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What We Do

What We Do

Our Mission


We are passionately committed to changing lives by providing service

of the highest quality and value in a supportive environment promoting

the health, independence and social interactions of seniors.

Since 1977, the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, Inc. (NCBA) has developed, managed and owned senior housing projects for low-income seniors through the HUD Section 202 program. In 1981, NCBA created the subsidiary corporation, NCBA HMC, to provide onsite property management, coordinate an array of outstanding health and social services, provide development and housing construction assistance to other non-profits, and achieve and maintain an exceptional quality of life for its senior residents.


NCBA HMC manages and owns Section 202 properties in Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Properties previously managed by NCBA HMC include Casa Iris (40 units), Washington, D.C.; Tampa NAPFE Towers (85 units), Tampa, Florida; and New Orleans NAPFE Towers (99 units), New Orleans, Louisiana.


Our management of these developments has consistently exceeded HUD standards for maintenance, income, cost control and accounting. In addition, NCBA HMC -- in conjunction with its parent, NCBA -- brings a variety of special services to its properties and residents including:


  • Disease Prevention and Wellness Promotion

  • Public Benefits Counseling

  • Trained Senior Aides

  • Social and Recreational Activities

  • Coordination with Local Aging Services

Our sister corporation, the NCBA Housing Development Corporation (NCBA HDC), a not-for-profit organization, engages in ownership and/or development of residential properties for low-income seniors in three states and the District of Columbia.


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